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Inspired by the movie PULP FICTION🕺🏿🎟, our swimsuit has arrived to make your body and film collection look better than ever. Try them dancing, tik-toking or sunbathing in Ibiza, you are gonna be a rockstar!

Pulp Fiction swimsuit

Colour: Coral
    • Vincent, Jules and Uma, killing never was that easy.
    • Tarantino, for one of his life master pieces.
    • Misirlou song, who hasn ́t danced it?
    • You, because you deserve a happier world, starting from the feet.
  • • Four sizes (S,M,L,XL).

    • Length S: 34,5 cm / M: 36 cm / L: 37,5 cm / XL: 40 cm

    • Waist S: 35,5 cm / M: 38 cm / L: 40,5 cm / XL: 44 cm

    • Coral colour.

    • 92% recycled polyester, 8% elastane.

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