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Inspired by the series, STRANGER THINGS, our socks have arrived to make you feel not just happy, but the happiest (at least while wearing them 🤣). Flaunt them with style. You have to walk a lot in this life, and with cool comfortable socks, it’s better.

Stranger Things

Colour: Blue
    • Mid-Calf.
    • Two sizes (36-40) and (41-45).
    • Marine.
    • 85% combed cotton, 12% polyamide and 3% elastane (crazy quality).
    • Designed with good vibes and inspiration somewhere around the world.
    • Eleven and Mike, because there is no greater power than love.
    • Will and his way through the world upside down.
    • Lucas, because it's cool how he rides a bike.
    • Dustin, his cap and his teeth :)
    • You, because you deserve a Happier world, starting from the feet.

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